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Name: Chris Edwards
Sent: 01/03/2012 04:01:40 pm

I too have spent some quality time going down memory lane enjoying these happy times. My Dad took me to Ingliston with Alec Reid(Judge of fact) and I went on the waiting list for marshals. That was in 1969 and I am clerk of the course for SMRC and 500MCi. They were the happiest days in my motorsport career thats for sure.
Name: David Sharp
Sent: 12/31/2011 06:12:05 pm

I was the Chief Timekeeper with SMART Timing at Ingliston during the last years of racing there and the Class Lap Records when racing ended are on our website (
Name: Kevin
Sent: 12/20/2011 01:12:28 pm

Just spent a throughly enjoyable half hour browsing your great images. I particularly like the shots of Jim Crawford. I am currently writing his biography. It would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes,


Fife, Scotland

Name: stan robinson
Sent: 12/19/2011 01:12:03 pm

Thanks for taking the time to put the site together.I fondly remember the circuit as a competitor as being a friendly venue.I competed in an ex works Healey3000 and a Ginetta g10.
Name: Cris Winter
Sent: 12/08/2011 02:12:29 pm

Does anyone have by any chance the track results for 1985. I owned and ran a Caterham 7 driven by Ian Gardiner (spelling). 1600cc class. Won every race and held the track record 1985.
Thank you

Cris Winter

Name: Doug Grant
Sent: 09/06/2011 08:09:04 pm

The place lives on! I was there on Sunday for a sprint comp, using the main straights, hairpin and the lefthander, and a bunch of footpaths. Lots of fun in a GT-R
One of my very early memories, (maybe 1970?) was standing under some trees, watching my dad drive around in his MGB-GT. So being back there and racing too, was a bit of a dream-come-true. I just wish my dad could've been there.
Maybe he was

Name: Neil Rae
Sent: 08/27/2011 02:08:33 pm

Great to see these pics, have you or anyone else got any of the NE Scotland racers? Brian Fletcher Harvey Gillanders, Cliff Harper, Murray and Bob Burgess to name a few
Name: andy dolan
Sent: 08/05/2011 09:08:21 pm

cool i have great long distant memorys of going to ingilston as a kid that was a cool place petrol and cow shit what a combo
Name: paul divers
Sent: 08/05/2011 10:08:21 am

Great pictures , The likes of the escorts , firenzas , etc are still amazing to look at , love that low agressive look they have , any idea where the body kits where made for them ? . They just had a rawness , sound and smell that you dont get with modern racing cars ..
Name: bob craig
Sent: 07/14/2011 04:07:27 pm

hi mate, I migrated to Australia in 1982 but used to be a regular spectator at Ingleston before that, these photos have brought back some great memories and just the other day I was telling my 18 yo son abot Doug Nivens esscort as my son is building a race car at the moment having karted with a great deal of success, so thanks for these great photos as I was able to show my son some of the cars and driver I had been talking about! magic cheers Bob

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