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Name: Steve
Sent: 09/13/2012 07:09:21 pm

Wow brought back a few memories there! I remember the escort in the toilet block incident, and Jenny B. socking it to the guys as well as the sounds of the crazy engined skoda and beetle. Watching JYS demo the Tyrrell. seeing the old Ecurie Ecosse transporter, falling in love with a D type Jag and when a bit older, a shakedown of the new Ecurie Ecosse C2 car with Mike Wilds and David Leslie.
As a youngster I went with my Dad and was lucky to meet many of the drivers and characters in the paddock and in the Macrobert afterwards.
Ian, Could you send me your e-mail ? please, as I would love to ask you about 2 of the older pics in particular, many thanks, Steve.

Name: Ronnie
Sent: 09/12/2012 10:09:27 pm

Bikes also raced at Ingliston once a year from the late Seventies almost until it closed. I was lucky enough to get track passes for those meetings and took a lot of photos of the action. Please look me up on Facebook if you want to see them. Those races attracted healthy crowds and some brave riding despite the straw bale lined armco barriers. Riders such as Mick Grant, Howard Selby, George Linder, Stewart Cole, Donnie McLeod, Phil Mellor, John Davidson and Ian Hogg were amongst the names who appeared.
Name: Ken Thomson
Sent: 09/06/2012 10:09:10 pm

I was introduced to Ingliston in 1975 through a couple of track marshalls from Port Seton- my Uncle Archie Marshall and his freind Jim Limerick- they got me marshalling as a runner/trainee @ age 15.

I got the bug and done a few races in the mid 1980's in my ex Bill Lord hillclimbing MK1 RS2000 (blue) 'PAC7M' along side racing legends Alistair 'sideways' Gray and Ronnie Stahl also in Escorts- we were racing against some guy called Jimmy McRae and sometimes a local doctor (when he wasn't on call!)- Hugh Chalmers who were both invited along by Hugh McCaig to drive the pace setting E Ecosse Chevette. Then back to Marshalling on the grid for George Robertson until I could afford another entry fee!

Good fun and you have a good web site- thanks for the memories.

Name: Alan Ross.
Sent: 07/15/2012 05:07:42 pm

recall the day, when Jenny Birrell passed Noel Edmunds just after Clock on the final lap of the Production Saloon Car race.

Mr Edmunds uses a phrase " none too pleased " well this applied to Mr Edmunds, so much so he would not speak to the Track Commentator.

Name: Victor Temple
Sent: 06/10/2012 12:06:48 pm

Used to travel up from Newcastle for every single meeting in the 70s.
When i say 'travel' i mean i went as fast as i could possibly go in my fantastic Mini Cooper S, you knew you were doing 100mph when your speedo needle reached the oil pressure gauge !
Looking back i wouldn't have stood a chance if anything had gone wrong but it did not enter your head in those days.
My hero was our local man Andy Barton in his Mini and i remember he always had a close race with Alex Clacher (? spelling) in an Imp.
No Gatsos, Vascar, Specs, Camera vans, unmarked cars then
Thanks for bringing back my very fond memories of close saloon car racing and at 60 years of age i'm driving and 'loving' my Audi RS4, what an engine fast cars are still in the blood !!!

Name: Bill Haldane
Sent: 06/03/2012 01:06:47 pm

Hi Iain
Your photos of Ingliston bring back lots of memories. I must be a few years older than you I was there in 1964 at the first meeting I was 18 (remembering getting towed out of the car park )and was a regular until it came to an end. I had forgotten the size of crowds that used to go. I am now a regular at Knockhill and still a racing fan.
Now semi retired and have time to look for interesting sites like yours. In the 60s I lived in West Linton and now in Fife.
Bill Haldane

Name: Chris Wilkins
Sent: 05/15/2012 09:05:20 pm

Hi Iain
Love the site and the photos.
I'm based outside Edinburgh and have set up with colleagues , a social enterprise which uses sporting reminiscence to help older people with mental health issues such as Dementia.
Would really like it if you could write a memory and add a photo to our latest Motorsport memory site and if you are interested in the whole concept, we would love to use some of your images in reminiscence sessions - especially for groups in Scotland. Please email me if of interest. Kind Regards Chris Wilkins

Name: Ronnie Weir
Sent: 04/13/2012 01:04:40 pm

Ingliston was the first place I went to watch motor racing while still at school so some of the sixties photos brought back memories and since then of course I went on to get stuff published on all kinds of motorsport across Scotland and at Ingliston in the Edinburgh Evening News. I have a lot of photos of cars and bikes racing at Ingliston and wondered if you would like to see some of them.

There is also talk of a new track at Ingliston which would be fantastic if it ever got going.

Name: Alan McGregor
Sent: 03/26/2012 12:03:59 am

I was brought up in Currie. As a 14, year old boy, on a good day with the wind blowing in the right direction you could hear the racing all the way from Ingliston.

I cycled down one day out of curiosity too see what all the noise was about, and like you I was hooked from the get go. The smell the noise, the madness and passion of it all. Kenny Allen, John Fyda, Ron Cumming, Eric Munoch, Iain Forrest, Jim McGaugie, Jimmy McReae in a Ecurie Ecosse Chevette, Hugh Chalmers in a Talbot Sunbenam, Ollie Ross in an Escort Estate, Old Skool Toyota Celicas, F2 Ralts, F2 Ralts with fibreglass bodies draped over the top, Duttons with hot rod engines - lots of racket and risk and people with passion.

Loved it and miss it. Prioud to have raced at Ingliston for a year or two in the late 80's / early 90's. I doubt however that we will ever see its like again.

RIP that very special time and place.

Name: Bill Dryde
Sent: 03/14/2012 08:03:18 pm

Thanks for the nostalga. I would go to Ingliston to watch my big brother ( Jim Dryden ) race his Longman mini with much success.

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