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Name: Javier Pereyra
Sent: 07/11/2017 05:07:05 pm

Hi, I'm looking at your page, beautiful historical photos, it hurts that they look very small. I wanted to ask you if you can get the results of the races of those years, since I can not find records on the internet, thanks ...
Name: kenneth smith
Sent: 03/10/2017 04:03:56 pm

great pictures Iain.
my dad (andy smith) used to race here in a elan/clan with Kenny Allen (his best pal) they tell me he was his only pal back
great times we all had as i could roam round the paddock as a wee boy and get a drinks and sweeties from everyone and sit in the cars.cant believe i am in one of the pictures when i hit 21 dad gave me a shot of the mallock round the track and i came off at caravan so race career over
he still thinks he could do the lap record to this day
good luck.

Name: Martin Orr
Sent: 02/20/2017 11:02:01 am

Hi Iain. Great photos and brings back lots of memories from my many visits in the 60's and 70's. Would it be ok to copy a few of them for my own personal use. absolutely no commercial interest with this request. In 79 I was the spectator hit by Ian McLarens car at the end of the Esses! A couple of hours in the Edinburgh Royal and back in time for the racing! My picture of it coming over the armco didn't come out for some reason!
Sent: 01/17/2017 09:01:04 pm

Thanks for the great site bringing back memories from my youth down south of great cars and drivers. I am in Hampshire, England, so Thruxton is my local Circuit with many others in easy reach. The SuperSaloons of the 70's are my all time favourites, the like of which we just don't see any more - great days! It's all a bit sanitised and dull now so a lot of us are lucky enough to have seen these wonderful monsters first hand and driven in anger!
Would it be ok to add 1 photo to the Special Saloon and Modsports FaceBook page and if yes how would you like me to credit it? Thanks for the site and your time.
Cheers Bill,
ps, You may know my brother Marcus from Autosport.

Name: Iain Nicolson
Sent: 01/04/2017 09:01:53 am

Hi Stefan, I have sent you an email regarding your Andy Barton request!
Name: Stefan
Sent: 01/01/2017 06:01:20 pm

I am trying to find som start program from Ingliston.
I found a picture of Andy Bartons March 772 on your page. I am trying to duplicate this car but need some more information.
I am having a March 76b that i want to race as F2.
Canīt find startprogram or results from Ingliston 1978.
D o have any or know where to find one?
Stefan Hellstroem

Name: kenny coleman
Sent: 11/24/2016 12:11:04 am

Yes that's my first Davrian, the blue and orange one, not sure about it being a Mk 3, I thought it was earlier, it had some ply board in it's construction!!
Name: Iain Nicolson
Sent: 09/20/2015 02:09:11 pm

Yeah agreed on all counts Kenneth, hope it happens next year with more appropriate cars. They need to choose he date carefully, I suspect this years was affected by Knockhill and Goodwood being the same weekend!
Name: Kenneth Beattie
Sent: 09/20/2015 08:09:45 am

Re Ingliston Revival. Anyone else of my generation who attended race meetings at Ingliston as a teenager in the 60s 70s & 80s just a tad disappointed that there wasn't more 'period' cars in attendance? Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful weekend, stirring up superb memories for my wife & me, also our son who we took with us to every meeting since he was born in 1976! Once again thanks to Iain for this great site, keep it up!
Name: Kenneth Beattie
Sent: 07/19/2015 08:07:11 pm

Cannot wait for the revival!!

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